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The Start Line

At DRSC there tend to be two types of start lines.  A committee boat start and a club house start.  For committee boat starts the start line is between the mast on the committee boat

(which will have an orange flag flying on it) and a near-by mark.  The near-by mark is usually an orange inflatable mark or an orange ball with a flag attached to it. For club house starts the line is from the centre of the crows nest (the race box on top of the club house) to a mark on the reservoir - usually "Club" mark.

The Start Sequence

For normal club racing Derwent Reservoir Sailing Club uses either flags or coloured lights to start its racing.  A flag or light will be displayed as a warning signal for a particular fleet of boats.  At DRSC this is usually a 4 minute warning.  Until your warning signal is displayed you should keep clear of the start line to ensure that you don't get in the way of other boats that may be starting before you.

At DRSC two minutes before your start a preparatory signal (another flag or light) will be displayed.    Then when your fleet is starting the warning signal will be removed and you can cross the start line.

Light Signals

Flag Signals for Fun Handicap Races

Flag Signals for Multiple Fleet Starts (i.e. Sunday Racing)


For special events you must check the sailing instructions for signals and times of signals as they are likely to be different to the normal club starts.

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