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HalloweenIf you were not there you missed a night to remember as DRSC club members and visitors were treated to an unforgettable Halloween. Early festivities for the children included a children's walk in the spooky woods as the light began to face followed by games and a great display of fancy dress. Sue put on an amazing pie and peas supper with an exotic collection of vampire cheesecakes and eyeball cakes. Once darkness fell, those who dared were taken down to meet the souls of the Derwent valley in the woods . Our not too reassuring guide escorted us through the giant spiders webs and around the ghosts and ghouls that had gathered to the sound of the tolling bell of Derwent. Did we all get out. Who knows? It is a brave person who captured this spook on camera! Once we had recovered we were treated to a spectacular bonfire (aided by a brisk westerley, that guy... hmm who did he resemble?..well he had no chance!) and a show stopping firework display over the lake .  A much needed chance to chill out with friends entertained by the band rounded off a really great evening . Huge thanks to our socials team led by Steve Harris from Swimming and Steve Scullion from Rescue with their band of volunteers. You clearly put in a huge effort to produce a special night.Bonfire

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